Terms of Service

Terms of Service


Enrollment Agreement

  1. All Associates that receive any form of renumeration from Zoobi Inc. are responsible for any taxes owed.  Zoobi Inc. will take no responsibility for unpaid taxes.
  2. Zoobie Inc. is an “application” purchase and a monthly subscription program.
  3. If monthly subscription is unpaid, all efforts will be made to contact the subscribing member to make alternate payment arrangements.
  4. If monthly subscription goes unpaid for 30 days, the associate and all associate privileges will be suspended. Any compensation earned during that period will be forfeited.  Once membership is reactivated, compensation will resume.
  5. A $30.00 reactivation fee will apply after 60 days up to 1 year.
  6. After 1 year of non-payment, Associate will be terminated and a new application would apply.


Cancellation Policy

Termination of subscription must be received by Zoobi Inc. within 5 days from the date of this application to cancel this contract for a full refund of the application fee.  All membership terminations must be sent by email. After this first 5 day period the subscriber can cease any and all further monthly fees at any time, at no penalty. No fees will be returned, once a subscription is terminated the subscriber will not receive any further compensation if applicable.

These terms of service are subject to change without notification.