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Zoobi members don’t google, they Zoobi

Zoobi businesses are the backbone of its economy and create the initial excitement to become a Zoobi member. Becoming a Zoobi member is a “no brainer” as it is impossible to lose with Zoobi! Thanks to our great Zoobi Business’s.

Zoobi businesses have access to loyal and motivated customers. If you have a product or service they need or want, your chance of obtaining this business is greater than those businesses outside of Zoobi.

Zoobi App

Access to the Zoobi App (in development right now). This app will connect you to all Zoobi members as well as their friends and associates outside of Zoobi. This app will be of great value to anyone who has it on their mobile device.


All Zoobi businesses are vetted to ensure quality. Some businesses may require special vetting to ensure they have the necessary licences and insurances, etc. A Zoobi business cannot just say they are in business.


Zoobi counts on its members to provide quality reviews on their experiences with Zoobi businesses giving other potential customers an insight on what it may be like to work with or use that business. Zoobi will not post “fake” reviews.

Social Platform

Businesses will have access to the Zoobi Social platform at no extra cost.

Monthly Face to Face Business Networking

All Zoobi businesses will have an opportunity to get out and meet like-minded people or groups in the local business community and share their business with them and vice versa. The old school and best way of increasing business.


Businesses have the ability to create their own micro-networks from the large group meetings as they meet other business owners that are a fit for them. These micro networks can meet on a scheduled basis that works for them. These networks also create their own micro economies as well. It has been proven that being part of a network such as this provides great benefits to a business’s bottom line.

Tax Deductible

Not only is business membership affordable, our membership is up to 100% deductible for businesses.

Webinars & Seminars

Businesses will have access to special webinars and seminars with professionals who can help improve and grow their business.

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